Discover the passion for gourmet productsDiscover the passion for gourmet products

the passion for the product

Where good product and
good taste come together

Mejillon aaltabotica

A boutique full of unique gourmet products and a tasting space to enjoy them.

Pimiento del piquillo a la brasa aaltabotica

We offer gastronomic remedies. The best product is the best cure. The happiness that comes from the palate.

Esparrago blanco navarra aaltabotica

A world to learn, share and enjoy the passion for good products. A unique gastronomic experience.

Discover the passion for gourmet products

Stories of culture
and passion

Parmesano aaltabotica

We have selected the producers who have transmitted to us their passion for what they do. The best raw material, the care in the preparation and the search for excellence is what our producers have in common.

Anchoa y boqueron aaltabotica

Behind each one there is a story that we want to tell. Craftmanship, family, love and friendship. Unique stories that make unique gourmet products.

Discover the passion for gourmet products
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