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Pantry | aalta botica

Pasta, rice, oil,
spices, sauces, teas, coffees

Preserves | aalta botica

Sea preserves,
of soil and vegetables

Charcuterie | aalta botica

Selection of the best
Iberian and sausages

Cheeses | aalta botica

Careful selection of cheeses
of all the world

Sweets | aalta botica

Jams, chocolates,
ice cream, honey

Wine cellar | aalta botica

Wine selection,
champagne, liqueurs

Gastronomic Prescription

Club Boticario aalta botica

What is Club Boticario?

It is an initiative designed for good food enthusiasts and lovers of gourmet products.

Each month, you will receive a carefully curated box filled with culinary treasures that will delight your senses and provide you with an unparalleled dining experience. To enjoy alone or with others and have fun learning new culinary challenges every month.

Club Boticario aalta botica

How to join the Club Boticario?

Joining is simple. Sign up to be part of this exciting monthly adventure.

For only €45 per month, you will have access to an exclusive gastronomic experience of gourmet culture.

We firmly believe that good food is the best remedy for the soul and body. Inspired by the pharmacy of life, we present our Gastronomic Prescription, where each element is a treatment for your palate and a potion for your well-being. Allow us to bring a world of unique flavors that will cure you of all evils directly to your door.

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