Grilled Artichokes 190g



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Grilled artichokes submerged in extra virgin olive oil.
In the town of Paestum in Cilento, Italy, Francesco Vastola began preserving the food that the earth gives us by following what he had seen his grandmother do at home: preserving vegetables in oil. Vastola, together with his son Fabrizio, carry out a careful selection of the raw materials, all of his products are handcrafted and without the addition of preservatives or additives. They respect old peasant recipes in a sustainable way without giving up the flavor of the best gastronomic tradition.
At Maida they make a long list of vegetables in oil, creams and jams where their star product is artichokes. The Romanesco artichoke blooms just south of Naples, in the Cilento National Park region near Salerno. This variety, which grows to modest dimensions; Once peeled, its heart is the size of a kumquat. The Vastolas harvest them and package them in extra virgin olive oil, carefully placing them one by one in the glass jar. They have a deep flavor and a tender yet firm texture. Delicious flavor of territory and tradition.